Monday, September 3, 2012

The switch

So I tried switching to just a Pure Linux environment...long story short I missed my games and had to dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu so I could download my games off steam and and using wine I could run some of those games right off my windows 7 drive and it works for the most part.
I have to say I do enjoy working in Linux more then windows, br it simply for the wobbly windows i get from compiz or the use of the terminal it just feels...right

Hacker culture

Almost everywhere you go someone is trying to "become a hacker" and the problem is to become a hacker you must transition into a lifestyle and do it transparently because its not one of those things that you can just accomplish in one night or even a whole month.
Its something you progress into..its the difference of Knowing everything and wanting to learn everything (or something similar to this)
I am not claiming myself to be a hacker, more of a tinkerer

Thursday, August 23, 2012 server

Here is a small pure 2.6+ implementation of a simple restful server i write about 5 months ago
it uses just the built-in socket librairy

and a small test that shows an example on how it can be used

ofcourse i have no documentation written but its very simple to understand
you navigate to 

doing so shows all the values you entered..its kinda like a key:val store

The problem with stackoverflow

Sometimes the people who are there to help
often get carried away and think its important
to moderate HOW you ask your question more than
helping you actually answer your question

Sometimes it works other times it just leaves you feeling
bad like the community is only helping to get points,
or to get reputation.

And im sure they have some excellent people solving problems
and they have a very high score because of it.
It may just be me, but it seems everytime I see a
question on stackoverflow. An answer is nowhere to be found
instead a bunch of people griping over the format of the post.

Or i see questions that don't really fall into a category, more of
a discussion and these sometimes are very VALID conversations
that are closed because they are not QUESTIONS...
it's things like this, that make me think twice before consorting with

your $0.02 is very welcome.