Monday, September 3, 2012

The switch

So I tried switching to just a Pure Linux environment...long story short I missed my games and had to dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu so I could download my games off steam and and using wine I could run some of those games right off my windows 7 drive and it works for the most part.
I have to say I do enjoy working in Linux more then windows, br it simply for the wobbly windows i get from compiz or the use of the terminal it just feels...right

Hacker culture

Almost everywhere you go someone is trying to "become a hacker" and the problem is to become a hacker you must transition into a lifestyle and do it transparently because its not one of those things that you can just accomplish in one night or even a whole month.
Its something you progress into..its the difference of Knowing everything and wanting to learn everything (or something similar to this)
I am not claiming myself to be a hacker, more of a tinkerer